Meet Our Team

The Hard-Working Heart of Ten Arrows Roofing

Ten Arrows Roofing finds its strength in the Cosby family: Rob, Rachel, Camron and Ransom. Together, they have transformed their collective skills and passion into a legacy of excellence in roofing.

United by Passion, Driven by Excellence

This remarkable family of professionals, each with unique skills and expertise, has been pivotal in shaping the success of Ten Arrows Roofing.

Rob Cosby
Rob Cosby

President | CO-FOUNDER

Co-founder Rob Cosby is a cornerstone of Ten Arrows Roofing. Boasting over four decades in the industry, Rob’s invaluable experience has guided the company’s steady growth. A respected member of the roofing community, he ensures that every project is a testament to superior service and workmanship.

Rachel Cosby

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Rachel Cosby expertly oversees the financial operations of Ten Arrows Roofing. Her 15 years of financial management experience help ensure that all projects are executed efficiently and within budget. Rachel’s commitment to fiscal responsibility has been integral to the company’s success.

Camron Cosby

Operations Manager

Camron Cosby, is a seasoned roofer with a decade of experience, but is best know for the excellent customer care she provides while assisting with insurance and scheduling needs. Camron’s focus on customer satisfaction is the heart of Ten Arrows Roofing.

Ransom Cosby

Project Manager

Ransom Cosby’s passion for roofing translates into top-tier results on every project. His commitment to maintaining high standards and delivering customer satisfaction make him an indispensable member of the Ten Arrows Roofing team.

Explore the Family Behind Ten Arrows Roofing

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Your Family is Our Priority

The Cosby family is a testament to professionalism and dedication, committed to providing exceptional roofing solutions for every client. Whether you need a new roof, repairs or maintenance, Ten Arrows Roofing has the expertise and commitment to meet your needs.

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